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Finding, activating, and securing brand partnerships is hard!
Tracking campaigns, knowing what to charge, showcasing success – who has the time to go through multiple tools to try and pull all this together?


Pitching and activating brand partnerships is simplified with the MavenPro Media-Kit. Provide brands with a beautiful exclusive view of your content and social data show-cased all in one place. Brands find partners for campaigns every day through the MavenPro Media-Kit.


MavenPro makes it easy to engage and manage multiple influencer campaign partnerships through our user-friendly platform. MavenPro streamlines communication, campaign activation and content requirements for each partnership.


MavenPro provides 24/7 access to real-time results from the social content you produce for a client - and your own audience. Discover how much influence you hold and how to grow that influence. Understand the impact your social media activity has and analyze who your audience is. MavenPro analytics will also function as your social resume, which you can sent to brands and showcase your value as an influencer and content creator.

Know Your Power

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MavenPro Media Kit

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You’re out there making waves, impacting change and creating loyal consumer connections every day.

Everything you create is making an impact on your audience.

Ever wonder just how many people you’re reaching, engaging and influencing?

Are you curious as to how much revenue your creative content has driven to a brand through an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Blog post?

The MavenPro Media-Kit is a tool that will provide detailed insight into your influence and the revenue you produce as a result of showcasing your content.

You know how great your audience is - let’s help you showcase it to brands to land exclusive partnerships and opportunities.

Your beautiful personalized MavenPro Media-Kit includes a live link so that you can email or DM potential brands you would like to work with.

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For Individual Influencers

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Extra Campaigns $25/month

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For Community Managers

3 Campaigns,
3 Hashtag Tracks
1 Community Manager

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For SMEs

5 Campaigns,
5 Hashtag Tracks,
Up To 50 Influencers

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10 Campaigns,
10 Hashtag Tracks,
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