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Understanding your influencer campaign analytics doesn’t need to be daunting, we make designing a media kit, tracking hashtags, clicks to your blog, and the number of impressions and engagement on your social posts quick and easy.

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“Set yourself apart by presenting potential clients with a professional media kit when pitching and blow your client’s minds by providing concise and insightful campaign reports.”

Maureen Dennis - - Successful Parenting Influencer Since 2004

Media Kit:
Power Pitch

Say good-bye to paying a designer and manually updating your media kit. MavenPro keeps your media kit up-to-date and provides a live link to include in pitches to potential clients, and why not add it to your email signature. Work smarter and land more clients easily.

Simple Tracking

Discover how many true impressions your campaigns posts are acquiring with proven technology that calculates and attributes the actual number of impressions your content generates, not just averages. Know your true value - and get rewarded accordingly!

Prove Your Value

By tracking your posts live throughout a campaign you can go above and beyond for each of your clients. MavenPro's analytics provide a concise and insightful report for each of your campaigns, demonstrating your true value.

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Knowledge is POWER,
Unlock Your Potential

There's never been a better time to be an influencer, but every influencer needs accurate data to leverage their worth. MavenPro makes tracking and reporting your campaigns easy. It also gives you the insights you need to deliver above and beyond on every campaign.

Why You Should Care: You Have The Power To Influence - Show Everyone How!

To be a powerful influencer, you must know your power and understand where your influence lies. Learn more about the impact your social media activity has on your audience - and analyze who your audience is. These important analytics - all accessible in one conveniently located dashboard - function as your social resume that can be sent to clients to showcase your value as an influencer.


Impressions Tracked


Campaigns Managed


Opt-ins Captured


MavenPro is designed for individual influencer tracking.

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Inside the MavenPro Influencer App

The MavenPro influencer app has everything you need to start a new campaign. Use the platform to amplify your message across all social media channels with just a few clicks - no need to open up several windows or apps on your phone to share.

Check the Analytics tab to see how many clicks you’re getting with each social share you do, and determine which channel is most successful based on your audience’s activity.

Track your progress in terms of impressions generated on social media with a built-in hashtag tracker.

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